One More Activity!

We’ve reached the end of the Children’s Book Authors and Illustrators Tour of Amherst, but not the end of our adventures together. There is one last thing we’d like you to try!

While all of these children’s book authors are grownups, that doesn’t mean you have to be a grownup to create your own story. In fact, children’s book author Tony DiTerlizzi began writing and drawing stories when he was around your age. Remember, his pocket field guide to insects became one of the inspirations for The Spiderwick Chronicles! Angela DiTerlizzi also wrote a book called Have You Seen This Book? about a boy who writes his own words and draws his own drawings and sticks his own stickers in his favorite book. In fact, he changes the book so much, he creates a new story!

So, here’s what we want you to do. Remember all of the bugs and plants and things you spied with your little eye as you explored the museums, and the book center, and the park, and the library? Did you write them down? We want you to go home, gather any art supplies you can find, and create your own story using all of the things you spied with your little eye. Do you think you can try that? We know you can. Now you’re a children’s book author too!