Welcome to the Jones Library, the biggest public library in Amherst! The library is over 100 years old! Here you can find books from all the authors on this tour in the children’s section. There is a special area called “The Kids Room” that is specifically for the use of children and their caregivers. If you want to delve into the history of Amherst, check out the Special Collections where you can experience the past by looking at real, historical documents! If you want to stretch your legs a bit, feel free to take a stroll around the library to look at the many photographs, paintings, and sculptures scattered throughout, which are part of our Fine Arts Collection

Do you have a library card yet? If you are under 12, ask your parents to help you get one so you can check out any books you like. You can also get free passes to area museums, check out a tablet, and even borrow a telescope or musical instrument! No matter what you’re interested in, the Jones Library has got you covered!


David Hyde Costello often works with children at public libraries. In fact, he has an ongoing relationship with Palmer Public Library where he’s made several videos about how he creates stories through words, images, and movement! David draws, writes, uses puppets and even makes music! Creativity– in whatever form– is really important! Hear David talk about creativity and storytelling here.

Diane deGroat learned what types of books children are interested in by visiting with school-aged kids at public schools and public libraries. It changed the course of her writing career! What types of stories do you like to hear? Or what types of stories do you like to create? Read more about Diane here.


I spy with my little eye a room filled with stories! What kind of stories can you find hiding there? 

I spy with my little eye a painting! What paintings or drawings do you like the most? Check out the Burnett Gallery for more!